Help Desk

Customer Relationship Management is a critical element of success for most companies in today’s business environment. While most companies strive to deliver quality products and services for each customer and every transaction, they are not always successful. How the customer is treated in addressing problems is paramount to the overall success of the company.

RMW Enterprises offers an experienced, highly-skilled and multi-lingual network of customer support representatives to support your call center and customer relationship requirements. We offer multiple channel solutions and support. Our agents are connected via telephone, Internet, fax and e-mail.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. We are committed to providing the right program and level of support for each of our customers. Our offerings are scaleable and flexible systems providing seamless integration into the existing call center/contact center environment. Each customer program is assigned an experienced Program Manager that will manage the training, scheduling and quality control of your project.

Our services can be provided as a total turnkey solution, where we would handle the entire function, or we can provide highly qualified representatives to augment your existing call center/contact center operation. We can support a wide range of customer support requirements, including Technical Support (Levels I, II and III).

RMW Enterprises also offers support and services for specialized research projects, where interviewing skills and data collection techniques are essential to the success of the project. Another key service offering is in the area of Emergency Response Readiness programs that would support your organization in the event of a disaster.