Smart Card Technology Solutions 

RMW Enterprises, Inc is a SBA 8(a) certified Information Technology Company based in Silver Spring, Maryland, offering a full range of Information Technology solutions, processes and products that are necessary to support complex business and information requirements.

RMW Enterprises has a highly experienced and multi-disciplined staff with expertise in a broad range of applications and technologies.  We have specific focus and expertise in the development and implementation of Smart Card technology and solutions.

RMW Enterprises solutions are based on open architecture and open system design parameters, and utilize the smart cards, readers and middle-ware of a number of manufacturers and suppliers. Within the last two years, RMW Enterprises has placed over five hundred thousand smart cards, smart card readers and middle-ware into government agencies.

RMW Enterprises will analyze your agency’s requirements and recommend an appropriate solution to meet your specific goals and requirements, including various levels of security that include PKI and biometrics processing.

RMW Enterprises has a strong partnership relationship with Gemplus, the world’s leading provider of solutions based on smart card technology. In addition, Gemplus has the largest production capacity in the industry and a significant presence in every major market, including the Federal government.

A major factor in the success of Gemplus is based on their ongoing commitment to Research and Development. The company has the largest Research and Development staff in the industry, and own over one hundred smart card technology patents.

Gemplus has also assumed the leadership role in the application of new technology to business and information requirements. Gemplus is often the first to break into emerging markets.