Vignette V6 Multisite Content Manager 

Collect and organize the raw material for your Web sites with help from the Vignette V6 Multisite Content Manager. It enables you to aggregate content distributed across multiple sources, reducing problems with latency, performance and security.

The software also provides predefined content types and taxonomies, reducing development efforts and providing the ability to quickly add intelligence to content by categorizing and contextualizing information. Control the production of content and make it Web-ready with the Vignette V6 Multisite Content Manager's workflow capabilities. Automated processes enable quality control with short turnarounds. Predefined roles such as "creator," "editor" and "approver" keep responsibilities clear.

Enable the consistent presentation of your corporate identity to all of your audiences with the Vignette V6 Multisite Content Manager. Standardize content delivery by creating new sites with the characteristics of existing ones-simply apply an established design, color scheme and page organization to new content.